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Privacy Policy

When you use or access Unmet Hours (the “Site”), Big Ladder Software LLC commits to protect your private user data and information in the following ways:

  1. Big Ladder Software LLC will never sell or share outside of Big Ladder Software LLC any private user data (including email addresses, passwords, and personal information) that is not de facto publicly viewable or accessible to other users via the Site. The only exception will be when private user data must be stored or transmitted by third-party hardware or services (such as for website hosting). In those cases, the privacy policies of the third-party hardware or services will be vetted to ensure that the private data is protected to at least as high a standard as the privacy policy on the Site.

  2. Big Ladder Software LLC will make every effort to protect and secure private user data from data breach or accidental disclosure.

  3. Big Ladder Software LLC will only use email addresses to contact users about information directly relevant to the Site such as security issues, feature changes or updates, and other news about the Site.

  4. Big Ladder Software LLC will never use email addresses for the direct marketing or advertisement of any other products or services from Big Ladder Software LLC or any other party.

  5. Big Ladder Software LLC will make every effort to adopt the privacy policy norms of similar websites in the industry.